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Do's & Dont's

Do's and Dont's in Varnacular Languages

Do's and Dont's

Familiarize yourself with the rules, regulations, Bye-laws and circulars issued by Stock Exchanges / SEBI before entering into and/or carrying out any transaction.
Do not start trading until you have read and understood all clauses of the Risk Disclosure Document, Agreements and Annexures.
Transact only through registered brokers. Please carry out due diligence before registering as a client with any broker.
Clear all your doubts by raising your queries with the Relationship Manager prior to opening an account.

Read and understand and then execute the Agreements & Annexures with your broker setting out the terms and conditions clearly.
Do not fill in wrong or incomplete details. Do not overwrite, cancel, and mis-spell the details.
Enter accurate and complete details in the ‘Know Your Client Form, fill up all fields. Do not leave any spaces blank. Further strike out empty spaces . Provide correct E-mail ID, DP ID and Bank account number.
Do not provide information which is factually incorrect as the same is illegal.
All information provided should be factually correct and accurate since this will form the basis of your relationship with M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd.. Always keep your Correspondence Address, E-mail ID, mobile number and phone number details provided in the KYC updated in the records of M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Understand the utility of maintaining a running account before signing the authorization for the same. Maintaining a running account with us is not compulsory.
Please authenticate all corrections or overwriting done in registration kit.
Fill the kit with the name as provided on the PAN website. Submit self attested copy of your ‘Permanent Account Number’ (PAN).
Space provided for witness details should be duly filled along with their signatures.  
Keep copies of the ‘Member – Constituent Agreement’ and your trading account related documents.  

Adopt trading/investment strategies commensurate with your risk bearing capacity, as all investments carry risk, the degree of which varies according to the investment strategy adopted.
Do not trade in any product without knowing and/or understanding the associated risks and rewards involved in it.
Assess the risk-return profile of the investment as well as the liquidity and safety aspects before making and/or acting upon your investment decision. Make investments based on your reasoning, after taking into account all available information.
Do not be influenced by information which is not originating from an appropriate source.
Always check the veracity of the information available.
Do not believe in any promises made about Assured Returns by M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. employees or Sub-Brokers.
Please seek independent professional advice regarding the suitability of any investment decisions.
Do not rely on any implicit/explicit promise made by the issuer or any third party on returns.
Access the websites of Companies and Rules, Regulations & Byelaws of Exchanges for information.
Do not trade in illiquid shares or options or futures stocks or Z, T2T category stock
Always keep updated yourself with the latest regulatory provisions, inter alia, circulars and guidelines issued by SEBI / Exchanges from time to time.
Do not be influenced into buying stocks of fundamentally unsound companies (penny stocks) based on sudden spurts in trading volumes or prices or non-authentic favorable looking articles/stories.
Do not match/synchronize trades with any other person.
Do not indulge in any trading activity which results in disturbance of market equilibrium in any manner including manipulation of price of any scrips. Do not follow the herd or play on momentum-it could turn against you.
Do not be misled by so called hot tips. Do not get carried away by luring advertisements/rumours circulated in the markets, if any.
Do not undertake deals for others or trade on your own name and then issue cheques from family members/friend accounts.
Do not pay cash or issue a cheque in the name of any employee of the broker or any other person in respect of the transactions.
Do not undertake off-market transactions in securities.
Do not place orders in the system at a price which is far away from the last traded price.

Call on the landline numbers of your local branch and give clear and unambiguous instructions while placing orders over the phone.
Do not give instructions which are not clear.
Be aware of the risk associated with your Cash Market and Futures & Options positions in the market and margin calls on them. In case of inadequate margin/non-payment of margin in your account, positions will be squared-off by the Risk Management Team.
Do not forget to take note of risks involved in the investment.
Always keep track of the margin requirement either by contacting your Branch or by logging into trading account/website.
Do not share your password with anyone. While M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide you with a secure trading environment, we urge you not to part with your password and other sensitive account information to anyone. This will preserve the security of your account and of your transactions. M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. is not liable for any loss arising from sharing of your password with anyone, nor from its consequent unauthorized use.
Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to maintain margins. M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. shall square up outstanding position in case of shortfall in margin and delay in payments.
Do not respond to any E-mail from an address appearing to be sent by M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. or from any other E-mail ID, asking you for personal information, account details or information on your User ID and Password of your trading and/or depository account. It is M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. policy not to seek such information through E-mail. If you have already disclosed your password please change it immediately.
Maintain secrecy of your password in case of Internet Trading, since you will be solely responsible for all transactions effected from its usage. Keep changing your password frequently.
Do not use help from any M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. employee or any other person while resetting your Password. Incase you have taken help from someone while resetting your password then immediately change your password again and ensure that the new password is only known to you.
Contact your Branch manager or Sub-broker in case of any issue. Incase your they are not able to solve your problem please immediately contact head office.

Insist and ensure that for every executed trade you receive duly signed contract note from your broker, highlighting the details of the trade, trade time and number, transaction price, brokerage along with your Unique Client ID, broker's name. Please note that the details of every executed trade are posted on our website on a daily basis. Access the website, wherever possible and satisfy yourself about the correctness of your trades. Verify all details in contract notes, immediately on its receipt.
Please note that if you are in margin call then your positions would be squared-off if you do not bring in sufficient funds within the stipulated time period.
Crosscheck details of your trade with details as available on the Exchange website.
Do not delay payment/deliveries of securities to Broker/Sub-Broker.
Insist on periodical statement of accounts for your scrutiny.
Do not accept unsigned contract notes. Do not pay more than the agreed brokerage.
Pay margins within the prescribed time. Collect/pay, your MTM margins, on your positions, on a daily basis, from/to your Broker.
Ensure receipt of payment/deliveries within one working day of pay-out unless you have opted to maintain a running account or payment is unclear.
Deliver the shares in case of sale or pay the money in case of purchase before the pay-in day.
Make payments; enhance margins through cheques/drafts made out in favour of M. P. Vora Shares & Securities Pvt. Ltd. only.
Transfer Funds only from your own bank accounts

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