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Currency Derivatives
Like stocks and commodities, currencies have futures Contracts that allow you to buy or sell the underlying currency, at a fixed price, at a future date. You can execute contracts to buy or sell the US$ for Indian Rupees, at a future date. These contracts are the derivatives of the Currency Market.

How can you gain by trading in currencies? Speculation :

Currency trading allows you to Speculate in currencies to make money out of your understanding of the market trends.

Hedging : Mitigate financial risks in exports through Hedging.

Arbitrage : Make risk free money through Arbitrage trading. Offered as pairs, Currency Trading is available for INR-US$ as of now, with the INR-Euro and INR-Yen expected soon to follow.
The Currency Derivatives market in India offers futures contract to trade, that lays bundle of opportunities for a number of players. It gives immense trading opportunity because of its volatility and multiplicity.

It gives the hedging opportunity for Importers and Exporters. It is a new class for diversification of investment of all resident Indians.

Trading Specifications :

Lot Size 1000 USD
Tick Size INR 0.0025
Trading Hours Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.
Position Limits Higher of 6% of total open interest or USD 10 Million
Calendar Spreads Minimum Rs 250 per contract
Margin Settlement Daily Settlement : T+1
Mode of Settlement Cash Settled in Indian Rupees
Daily Settlement Price Calculated on the basis of last 30 mins (weighted average price)
Final Settlement Price RBI Reference Rate

Benefits of Currency Trading at M.P Vora Shares & Securities :

1. Multiple markets for Trading :
We give you single-point access to all the recognized currency exchanges in India, viz. NSE, BSE and MCX-SX.

2. Affordable for small Investors :
The minimum lot size for currency trading is just US$ 1,000 making it accessible to even retail investors and traders.

3. Eliminate Business Losses :
Hedging lets you eliminate losses arising from international business due to fluctuations in the Indian Rupee.

4. Minimum Risk :
All contracts are guaranteed by the Clearing Corporation, completely eliminating the non-performance risks.

5. Low Brokerage :
Trading with M.P Vora Shares & Securities gives you the advantage of low brokerage, helping you maximize profits.

6. Limited Loss Accumulation :
The profit/loss settlement is done everyday, minimizing the scope for accumulation of losses.

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